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0.32 duel cup written by IrR, 2010-05-24 18:44 CEST (0 comments)

date 06/06/2010 at 15h CEST
everybody can participe

rules :
-timelimit 10
-overtime 2
-The winner of the cointoss decides whose map will be played first. If both players win their map , they cointoss again and the winner has the choice to begin map elimination or not. The last map not eliminated will be played.
-brackeet format : double eliminations and BO3
- be on #nostalgeek.wsw @ quakenet

mappool :
wdm2 (aka acidwdm2)
link :
window=> http://www.moddb.com/games/warsow/downloads/warsow-032-for-windows [moddb.com]
linux => http://www.moddb.com/games/warsow/downloads/warsow-032-for-linux [moddb.com]
hf guys <3
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